Instructors (Getting Started)

The North/Far North Regional Consortium (NFNRC) shared NETLAB+ system is available to any of the NFNRC participating region 1 and 2 community colleges.  Folsom Lake College (one of four Los Rios Community College District campuses) hosts the physical NETLAB+ and infrastructure hardware.


Folsom Lake College IT Services has lead technical responsibility for the system:  installing and maintaining NETLAB+ appliances and supporting infrastructure; installing and replicating (cloning) virtual machines; creation of community leader accounts; providing technical support (second level).


Community Leaders

Participating colleges should first appoint what NETLAB+ calls a ‘community leader’ for their college.  The four campuses of the Los Rios Community College District are combined in the NETLAB+ system as a single community.  Other participating colleges will need to first have a community leader.  Community leaders create instructor accounts at their participating college, mentor and provide on-site training/help to instructors, and provide first-level technical support for their campus.

Instructors wanting access to a course should first contact their college community leader.  Community leaders for each of the participating colleges are being determined and the list below will be updated.  Current community leaders are:

FRCCD\Feather River College – Nathan Tharp (

LRCCD\American River College – Larry Dumais (

LRCCD\Cosumnes River College – Markus Geissler (

LRCCD\Folsom Lake College – Caleb Fowler (

LRCCD\Sacramento City College – Kevin Anderson (

SJCCD\Sierra College – Shawn Monsen  (

YCCD\Woodland Community College – Donna McGill-Cameron (

YCCD\Yuba Community College – Percy Ellis (


Participating colleges should ensure that they have a current college/department Microsoft Imagine subscription to fullfull licensing requirements for NETLAB+ activities that incorporate Microsoft operating systems.


Faculty using the NETLAB+ system should have already participated in professional development to learn to use NETLAB+.

Next Steps

Please click on Instructors (Resources) for more information on our NETLAB environment, getting access to the system, and on adopted standards and procedures.