Instructors (Resources)

Available Content

Available courses/labs are provided through a combination of predefined virtual machine configurations and curriculum from the National Center for Systems Security And Information Assurance (CSSIA) and NETLAB+ pod design and support from the Network Development Group (NDG), as well as instructor-created custom virtual machines and pod designs.

Click here for a list of currently available courses/labs.

Standards and Procedures

Class Naming

Classes will be named using the convention – [Year & Term – College – Course Number – Instructor Last Name].

Example:  16FA-CRC-CISC350-Jones

Class End Dates

Classes will have an end date set for the end of the term, after which students will no longer be able to access the labs for that class.

Archived Student Data

Student data (labs/hours) will be retained for two years.  Instructors, please visit Previous Term Data for appropriate links.

Requests for Classes

Instructors requesting a class for content that is already available in the system, please make the request at least two weeks before the start of a term if at all possible.  Requests for course/lab access can be made using the Request for Classes form.

Custom virtual computers and pods can be installed on the NETLAB system; however, it’s incumbent upon the instructor to provide the appropriate VMware .OVF file(s) for each virtual machine.  Pod topology, custom images, IP/MAC addressing, networking requirements, shares, logon information is needed in order to configure custom pods/virtual machines.  .OVF files should be saved in VMX-11 to match our current VMware ESXi 6.0 infrastructure.

Please visit the NDG NETLAB+ Documentation Library for information on pod and lab design.

Please request custom virtual computers and pods at least four weeks before the start of the term.  To start the conversation on setting up custom VMs/pods, you can email us at