Please see the NDG NETLAB+ Documentation Library for various guides:  Instructor, Student, Pod Design, Lab Design, etc.

Students:  For support and questions for your classes contact your instructor directly.

Instructors:  Instructors who aren’t community leaders for their campus should first contact their campus community leader for support.  If you’re unable to reach your leader or second-level technical support is needed, please contact us by email at:

Community Leaders:  Folsom Lake College IT Services has lead technical responsibility for the system.  You can reach us by email at:

Access Request:  As mentioned under Instructors (Getting Started), Instructors wanting access to the NETLAB system should first contact their college community leader.  Visit the Instructors (Resources) page for more information about standards and procedures, as well as timelines for requesting course/lab access.   Request for classes to content already installed can be made using the Request for Classes form.

Folsom Lake College IT Services standard support hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4 PM.